Killing the server again

We tried to attack on GG today with a small force of less then 10 Hv´s and 3 bases. The hole playzone died. And as soon as an HV was moving then it just killed the server.

Why cant we just say that HV´s with autoturrets will kill the server. ITs as simple as that.

Hope we can find a solution but GG with 20 Hv´s / alliance is a big no no no no.



I wish we could PvP, I really do. It seems 1v1’s are the only way to fight right now, I’ve watched one and participated in two HV 1v1’s and there wasn’t even lag. The usual DC errors though.

I’ve even attacked a few bases, 4 bases to be exact, with three people. None of the people from any of the factions came to stop us so we captured them and we didn’t even get DC errors. Even though the bases had static tanks protecting them.

All in all, I think banning HVs or PvP is absurd, even though it worsens the lag. If you ban HVs the whole PvP dynamic is ruined, it’s nearly impossible to take down a base with SVs only. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a base attacked without having some form of HV support, it just isn’t feasible.


What this attack highlighted was that the current limits of 20 HVs + 3 bases / alliance on GG are a joke, at least with the game/server in its current state, there are just too many autoturrets.

I don’t believe anyone is suggesting removing HVs completely but a limit of 5 is much more realistic, maybe it’s temporary but even in a 5 vs 5 with a 3 base complex in the mix the server just can’t keep up.

SVs don’t seem to be anywhere near as bad from a lag perspective, if only they had more of a combat role at present…