Kovich EU KAL Guardian

Kovich on EU server, faction KAL, Origin Guardian. Ammo draining PKA base on Armourgedon planet during PVP period 24/02/16 aound 21:00 time ish GMT. Not only that he then was running upto vehicles on the floor and using HV fire from either our HV’s or our allys FDM HV’s to damage our vehicles. We asked him to move away many many times and he then started to accuse us in chat of killing him. I have screen shots if you want them (says file to big can show you on discord) but you will be able to see from your logs that he was killed by base defenses and also was around the base for best part of an hour ammo draining. He even kicked one of his own faction for asking him to stop.

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Kovich’s just a troll…

Im a troll too, dont mean I should not be held acoounable for my actions cause of it…Booooo!:scream_cat:

trolls will troll even more if you pay attention to their kiddy behavior…

Look, it’s not my fault that your base is so poorly designed that you take damage from your own defenses. Why would you park SVs and HVs in front of each other and in front of turrets? Sounds like you need to invest a little more time into thinking critically about the layout of your territory rather than complaining about the consequences of a poor design.

RE: claims that I’m a troll… I have no idea where that’s coming from. Your name doesn’t ring any bells so I don’t think we’ve ever interacted in the game, PayYouBack… but I’m most assuredly not a troll. I’ve dedicated quite a bit of time to helping newbies understand the game. I’ve helped new guardians with supplies, bases, and ships. I’ve engaged in battle exclusively in self-defense. You can say whatever you’d like… but a claim that I’m a troll is baseless.

Look, here’s all that matters: PKA is obsessed with their own power and they got arrogant. They made some sort of mistake and cancelled the alliance that existed between our two factions. While one of my faction members was mining, Gareth’s HV started blasting him… and Gareth somehow couldn’t manage to hit the Y key. When I showed up to figure out what was going on, Gareth started attacking me too. The mistake was addressed in chat by a PKA member (who apologized for the cancellation of the alliance)… but Gareth remained unmotivated to simply turn off his HV. I said explicitly: “Hit Y, turn off your turrets.” Gareth, despite now recognizing that we’re friendly and supposed to be allies, responded with, “No, go away.” After sustaining multiple hits at this time, and after my faction mate being killed, I shut down Gareth’s turrets myself, with force.

Gareth died and, unsurprisingly, decided to act like a child about it. He immediately went on a rant about how I’m “no longer a guardian” and how PKA would KOS me in response. Let’s be clear: Gareth felt like he was some arbiter over whether I’m a legitimate guardian and made his “declaration” because he was embarrassed that he got killed because of his own arrogance and poor attitude. Up until that point, PKA and I were on perfectly fine terms. They even tried to recruit me. Not a single issue until the scenario I just described.

I’m on “Armourgedon” (as Hedge calls it) and acting peacefully and PKA decides to come after my SV with a group of their members. They take me down and start going off in chat like they’ve won some huge victory (not that difficult to 3v1 someone who isn’t fighting back lol). They blast my ship to pieces even after I died. They kept firing like crazy even after the battle was over. I respawned and they hunted me down again. Now, that is, of course, totally within their right to do… but it just goes to show how PKA acts like a childish pirate clan and gets off on using their “power” to harass people for no good reason.

With my SV gone, PKA camping my backpack, and no real way to fight back, I took it upon myself to approach their base. What they call “ammo draining,” I call guerrilla warfare against an enemy with more resources and manpower who were clearly bent on acting outside of the expected behavior of guardians and in alignment with that of a troll. I made some attempts to infiltrate their base. Fortunately, they had such a poor base design that their own turrets were destroying their own base. I took advantage of that and let their base tear itself apart. The best part is that they cried about “reporting me for ammo draining” before I had even gone near their base. They were shooting me with SVs and stalking my character with HVs and calling that ammo draining. Maybe it was a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. :wink: Pretty hilarious, honestly.

In any case. If Rex feels like what I did was wrong then that’s a decision I will respect 100%. It’s his server, his rules, and his interpretation of those rules and thus the decision rests with him. I’m not here to argue with anyone about that. I just wanted to take a couple of minutes to share a more in-depth description of what happened between KAL and PKA, PKA’s wildly aggressive and self-righteous behavior, and so on. I wanted to provide a bit of insight into my actions this evening and to elucidate the reasoning behind them.

I’d also like to say that I did not “kick a faction member for telling [me] to stop.” My faction member was trying to mine peacefully on Armageddon and was afraid that PKA would kill him in cold blood again (like Gareth a couple of days ago). He was trying to land on the planet and PKA said they would kill him because the conflict was not resolved. For his own protection, I removed him from the faction so that he would no longer fly the KAL tag. The plan required a bit of faith that PKA had at least some shred of decency but it was worth a shot. It’s not cool to misrepresent the situation, Hedge. :slight_smile:

Thanks all!

Yaaawn! Too much crap to be worth reading through…

Leave the replies for people with the mental capacity to consume a couple of paragraphs, okay? I don’t want you to overexert yourself.

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Kovich the only person misrepresenting is you. No one siad they would kill your faction member, I said we could not ally. Your faction memebr was screaming in chat at you asking you to re-invite him as your own ships were killing him… You did not infiltrate the base with an attack you jumped up and down around the mountains then swam up and down in lakes drawing fire from turrets for best part of an hour. You finnaly ran at our base once we were in an actual fight with NOD. Most of your post is YOUR opinion and that my friend does not make it fact. You and gareth have some beef and thats between you, but I have personally seen your lies in global about the situation so you can gloss over your actions all you want on here thats up to you. I will leave this matter like you do the server admins and they can decide based on server logs not our versions of events.


No action will be taken as we have no proofs.

If an offence has been committed never say… I can provide with evidence, always just provide upfront as of course we won’t act unless it can be proven lol.

Maybe you guys can settle between yourselves :slight_smile:

If not post the necessary evidence and we will act if needed…

Have fun a be chilled :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here you got part of the intruder log Achilles, there is more but this should be sufficient…

Some pics of Kovich in various locations around our base for abount an hour, some show him using lakes to cause turrests to fire while he swam up and down. I now have video recording software as it seems we have gotten into a state of people sitting in game laughing at people telling them if their not recording stuff its tough.

So… no proof, then?

Removed reputation.

Just keep in mind ammo draining and stuff that could be considered none fair play Kovich

other than that no real drama here to worry about :wink:

1st time warning is all

have fun all

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