Lag by clan

Hi there,
Have to make a complaint about the lag this russian SWP guys are causing during encounters.
They were rubberbanding all over the place. This went on uranus as they mass invaded and downright shot anything that moves.
I can live with their actions, but not with the unability to defend myself cuz their lag causing.
My friend experienced the exact same.


thanks. Will look into it tomorrow

[i]Wel, there was at least 1 person with ping of 138, another 3-4 were up in the 90’s and a couple had normal pings around 50 - 60.
I sure like to give some payback some time, them being the outright agressor shootin at a single person stripping a meteor.

If ur interested, i’ll sketch the situation what went on :
One member killed me by surprise, i spawned back, jumped in my still flyin tiny SV and returned the favor.
The weird thing is, i was trying to cripple his parked SV (with overgrown mouth of 8 - 10 railguns)with my double railguns, wich seem didn’t to take any dmg at all.
He just climbed in after i emptied like 300 rounds & his ship looked and acted undamaged… Fishy if you ask me.
Soon his entire clan jumps on me, lagging the whole field up, no ability to even aim at them as they jumped all over the place.
1 versus 5 - 6 of the same type of ships and soon i got nailed again. Spawned back at my CV (Starter 2 CV bit modified) & my mate on the planet and surely enough they came for it aswell.
Tried to escape but they shot the ship dead just as i entered orbit.

That’s how i got that bug, if you remember, of me keeping losing health at a constant rate.
Called in ur help and somehow you got it working again, after my forced kick.
Went from 1 death to 13 with that bug, but that’s ok. :wink:[/i]

One thing you might look for Rex is I have heard of people making ships with “hidden” empty guns. What they do is fire all weapons, the “empty” weapons still create server load and LAG as they are being calculated as firing but they dont use any ammo for the player. However, they are still causing massive unexpected LAG to the opponent, the attacker is aware and pre-pared for it of course.

This is a tactic that was used in EVE Online at one times as well until developers made certain changes. So despite seeing like 6 guns firing they could have up to 30 “hidden” guns firing blanks to create the lag. Just something to check on if you can grab one of their ships. That or they are using “tools” to create lag, happens in various 1st-person shooter games as well from time to time.

Its sadly absolutly normal, PLEASE write to ELEON official forum let them stop adding useless crap to the game and work on basics so we can at least play a bit.
When you ahve just a little more structures moving on playfield its done, combat is only screenshots. Still its fun but its far from what is it supposed to be.

Im trying to make as much drama as i can but im usually torn appart by mystical “Its alpha”. I saw many alphas without bugs. “Yes, we can”

@Kibri and Bigfeet: I checked some of their stuff and there are no empty guns or intentional ways of lagging the enemy out. It is just their high player count against you with all that SVs/CVs they have.
Like Elfias mentions: that game is written in Unity and is not optimized for fighting / large structures at all - sorry. It is alpha so we can only hope for future updates.
Till then we have the mysterious rule #6 and other ways to help you as good as we can in a joyable server.

What you can do is put a ping limit like any fully published pvp game.
I thought this was an european server, not global international.
Why do you allow this as it is clearly used as an exploit.
A ping over 100 messes everything up for all. There is just no defense against rubberbanding, especially when yr outnumbered.
Sucks all the fun out of this potential good game. Got my second complete wipe now and honestly, its getting old very quickly.
I’ve suggested several times to eleon to adress this first & then add more stuff, but i could aswell be talking to the wall.
If this continues i guess it’s time for something else. I do hope you understand the position from a players perspective on this.
That is all i can offer.

Bigfeet: You can have 100 cannons and it dosnt matter. 5 SV will take that down Easy.

Best base defence is OP and after that being dug down.

[quote=“zappe21”]Bigfeet: You can have 100 cannons and it dosnt matter. 5 SV will take that down Easy.

Best base defence is OP and after that being dug down.[/quote]
I’m not talking about cannons, i’m talking about connection time.
When half of your opponents have too high a pingtime, no wonder the battle appear as screenshots.
Why do i have practicly no lag when 7 good pingtimes are together ?
True the game is in non optimised alpha and i’m no experienced gametester, but i’ve played enough games to see what bad pingtime causes to the gameplay.

Another thing i’ve bin noticing that causes major lag is the amount of railguns all pirate factions use on their ships.
Just got in to a battle with GGP (3 guys) with 21 railguns on their ships and yup, all lags.
They had normal pingtimes, so the logical outcome comes to the weaponisation on each ship.
Might be a good idea for the server to decree a max weapon rule on SV’s, for gameplays concern

That is a game weakness we can’t do much about it. At the moment we are struggling with Nova as f***. Really a shame but that is the only thing we can do.

So we can check block counts but not weapon counts for now. Due the current game changes it is not worth to kill the SV anyways. Only way to win a dogfight is to focus the cockpit and kill the player with one shot.
Tip: 21 plasma guns are the best meta to win this right now.