Large Constructort with all my stuff vanished

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Large constructor with lots of materials and stuff just vanished in thin air with all the stuff that was in it. Structural integrity bug!? I just placed in directly o nthe side of my base and it broke off with other things attached, too.
Player(s) with issue: jasmira
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): around 13:40, Jan 20
Playfield: F1 Cryo
Structure Name(s): Porg Base 1
Structure ID(s): 18243132
How can we help you now: Please either respawn the constructor and stuff that vanished or at least the materials in it. Else I might as well start all over again. God damnit, I hate these bugs.

Not a bug, a feature.

Press N and click on the debug button and check SI.

We can’t replace constructors or part of bases and even though it was your mistake so to speak I can only go ahead and restore the whole base from a time it worked. For a little fee at least, since it’s more a service than a job of us.

Let me know if yes or no and at what time all was good.

Thanks RexXxuS, so it looks like my fault for not checking SI before placing. In the meanwhile I have mined and built up the destroyed parts again so no further action needed. I still have some donator resoruce packages too so I can get back the lost stuff.
Thanks anyway.

Sorry, it shouldn’t sound negative or an insult.
It is just like a feature some know or not know and the results which are affecting to those.

It’s like flying without turrets in PvP and asking admins to restore the loss.

Or if you build a hosue in real life on sand and after a while the house is collapsing because no stability.
No one to blame except your knowledge about it.

But I agree that that feature should not be hidden behind a “debug” button. That does not sound good.

Again, if you need help, let me know.

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