Latest Version of EAH Feedback & Request

Hi Jascha,

I hope the option to remove structures based on stale players/factions is still in the works.

On to the topic at hand,

The new tool is awesome. It’s very fast, the timetable is a remarkable improvement and the lists update much more quickly than ever before. Three things:

  1. The Chat option in the timetable ignores the color coding. No matter what value I set, it’s all green.

  2. Does the tool no longer perform a full backup with each restart? This is something I really liked. Sure, I can setup a sub item in each restart event to backup, but it was nice (and reassuring) to see “Game-Backup is beeing made” with each restart.

  3. Would be awesome if I could still use the telnet window even though I don’t need it anymore. I’ve grown very accustomed to the output, and use it often to check for issues and other things. Often enough that I’ve found myself telnetting to just to get the info back…But, of course, I run the tool full screen and have to tab back and forth between it…

Would be nice if the telnet interface were still there, but connecting to it (just for information’s sake, and the return of the “Telnet command” box) and displaying its interface were optional.


Hey thanks for the info:

You mean the Color column? Ok will check that, thanks.

No, you have to do them as sub tasks. You can make your own “Backup-Message” in the Parameter of the restart. But of course thats not the system ensuring you then ;). But the Backup should work, so not to much worry about that. Watch it a couple times and then you can be sure.

Hm sorry. Cant go that way anymore. I want to get it out completly soon (still have parts in due to the light version. Also due to the upcomming changes. The Telnet-Window was by the way a big big performance eater also for the tool. Therefore we decided not to show the output on default for long.

The commands still work, but yeah teh answers if it worked or not are lost at the moment. Maybe one day we implement the telnet output over the api… but that could slow things down again.

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Fixed with new Version. Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

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Well, if it’s slowing things down, don’t use it. I can always pull up putty and watch the output like that. I just really miss it’s status updates and the information that came through it. But, if its absence is the reason the tool is so much faster and more fluid, leave it gone by all means.

Glad to hear you got the colors fixed. Lemme know when the new version is ready for download :slight_smile:

Hi. New to using EAH, but love the concept… unfortunately, I can’t seem to play with any of the toys. I’m running experimental 6.0 server, and while I can start, etc… I don’t ANY of the stats from the server. No player lists, nothing. I assume its because of new 6.0 stuff, but since I’m using the experimental 6.0 EAH I was hoping it would work. When the telnet window was still there, I’d see a “Parameters Missing” error.

Hoping I’m just using it wrong… any suggestions?

It IS working with 6.0.

However the order is important.

  1. shut down tool and server
  2. download latest version of tool + start the tool
  3. then start the server

Seriously thought I had done that… but I’ll give it another shot. Thanks!

Let us know if you have still problems please

Oh, Sorry. Everything is working fine now, thanks. :slight_smile:

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