Lawless can't build on "PVE" rule

Absolutely abominable rule being discussed. People on the server are trying to make the admins enforce a rule that “Lawless” can’t build on PVE planets, or orbits.

Several reasons why this is absolutely awful:

1) Lawless is the default faction for new players on the server, who either don’t read the story, don’t care about it or are simply new to the game. You’re going to force brand new players, straight into a PVP environment. This will just create a situation where new players such as myself who have been here longer and are ready will just attack new players, steal their stuff, and force them to reset. Also, Mars is PVE right now, why in the name of the abyss would you give new players a starter planet they can’t fracking build on???

2) The main thing some people are talking about is “Lawless will just pirate and raid, then return home to a PVE planet” which is true, but so fracking what? Literally any other faction can do this. What is stopping me from joining say, the Alliance or Traders, and then just going off in the evening and stealing from bases and ships? Absolutely nothing.

3) The moment this rule hits, people like myself who know better will simply join a regular faction and continue doing exactly what we were doing anyway . This rule will do nothing to combat the “problem” of people raiding, then returning home to a PVE world.

I made a post here about how we can fix this issue, without making Lawless faction the exact fracking same as pirates.

4) By making it so that Lawless and Pirate both cannot build on PVE worlds, you’re making them the exact same thing . What would be the point of having two factions the exact same? You you want to know why we only have maybe one or two pirate factions? Because not being able to build on PVE worlds sucks

I’m a bit lost here, Pirates can’t build on PvE, ever? Like, even park their ships in PvE space like every other faction does? That seems really biased against them to a point where it’s impossible to be a pirate.

I know, I always find it amusing that the people claiming “Parking in PVP is fine! Building in PVP is fine” never have the nuts to be pirate faction themselves, but instead insist the entire fucking server needs to be PVP instead.

Duke (and also all the others)… please please dont get so emotionally involved and dont use so many curse words…thx! :slight_smile:
We appreciate your emotions for the Game and that you want to contribute to find way to make it better and more balanced, but… its more constructive if emotions and bad language is kept out of it :slight_smile:. Will only cause others to get heated too … no need for that.

Each one has its own thoughts on the matter, and thats there right. Even if it makes no sence or they dont do it themselves, mabye they also have not much knowledge/experience about what they are talking… but all of those comments are ok and we will speak about if it makes sence or not. Mabye they mean something different, maybe we dont understand their way of playing , but non the less… we want a solution and no heated discussions… :slight_smile:.

Thanks a lot, especially that so many contribute to the topics!

I favor allowing Lawless to build everywhere, subject to the general server rules, as players who are not interested in the Story can end up in this category. However, I’m ok with restrictions on Pirates as long as there is sufficient compensation for the restriction.