LBP Ring Thing - Now on Steam Workshop

As we have moved on to ship designs made for 5.0 we are making the Ring Thing public.

It is by no means the perfect 5.0 ship in fact it needs major rework to fully excel at 5.0 combat mechanics. Despite this it vastly outperforms the majority of current PvP workshop designs.


The Sathium Asteroid.

Originally designed in the hopes of catching players traveling between trader world and trader moon, the asteroid was retired due to enormous fuel consumption in combat. Free to a good home.

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The Croctopus

Need to PvP on a budget? This 3k block 20k iron design will get you out into the fight.

The Croctopus was the first generation of warships designed by LBP. A very sturdy vessel, it was used extensively during the first half of 4.0 and slowly phased out as our combat steel production reached the point that we could start flying larger ships.

Extensive use of cut corner blocks provides ample whitespace to catch lag shots while still keeping polygon count low. Act now and power windows and door are included!

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