LBP - Thank you

Well Im the type of person that same as I writed the post about camping…I will also post and share the positive things to.

It was an awesome epic fight at Trader planet orbit. We were savaging a huge ship and them the surprise factor got us with an attack of the LBP pirates. We try to survive get our SVs and turn back to the planet.

Once there…we get ready with our CVs and turn back and try to find them and they were not there ( not camping, no mistakes, all like the rules were made ) soo we wait and wait and wait flying all around the big orbit. And them one of them warped. We wait a bit for give it time to be out of the warp zone. And the fight beggins!!! our faction players and their faction players start to come to the epic battle. For me the first pvp one.

It was an amazing time and fight at least for me…

My end was pretty funny got out of fuel and died like the captain of titanic.

Thank you guys for the awesome time and the pvp encounter.
And thanks also for the help or tips about pvp days ago @Mordgier

Keep it up! :beer:


Yeah dude it was a blast. literally. I spent most of it unable to login or sitting at the loading screen. Ship survived though and so did I after i managed to get logged back in the 3rd time.

thanks for actually fighting!


I swear my ship had a middle earlier this evening.

I must have misplaced it somewhere.


It was good to have a real fight and not against ugly cubes.
Good to see people actually defend their space. It’ll take me some time to figure out exactly where the fuel tank and ammo box I am missing were.

Glad you guys had fun… Hope the net code gets better as the lag was painful but what can you do…

Looking forward to our next encounter.


I’ve been saying the cube thing is over rated ever since I joined the server, lol


Good read , It can be very fun CV vs CV :slight_smile: We need more people to wake up and see that the pixels we have really is not that important and having fun is what it’s all about.

Aye only people flying cubes I thought were the ammo dumpsters or peeps that don’t know the meta has changed.

Down with the pesky pirates , oh wait nvm  forgot I switched factions :P

As a side note when we have 85+ people online I try and stay away from fights , warping as much as I can seems my luck for getting stuck under the ship or DC’ing is higher.

I still think all LBP guys llook like this

Don’t hate just because your mom won’t buy you an awesome silly straw.

Good fight, though the lag was frustrating. I can’t imagine how much worse it musy have been pre 4.0.

I may strip the cannon turrets off the octodile just to cut down on lag since they don’t accomplish anything anyway.


BTW - I’m sure all who were involved now see why we complain about CVs that die in 10 seconds.

I think Nauttdog was just flying around in a handful of scattered blocks and Xanif actually found a way to detach the front from the rear of his ship.

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Yeah CV really do need some work , maybe dial back the damage a bit or do something to the blocks hp a bit more.

Mordgier I too want longer CV / space fights just not sure if the Dev’s know how to make this happen atm

uhh no. the current balance is right. He is referring to the idiots who still fly the paper armored CVs. Not as fun for us pirates plying the space lanes. gibfights!


Exactly. Just yesterday somebody was saying that their CV was crippled in 1 second - previously people would post that it was “impossible” to build a CV that could survive the assault from multiple CVs and make it from the Warp In to the planet under fire.

Last night nauttdog was engaged with us in a long fight, his ship smashed up pretty good - and he actually re-engaged us as we were were on the way to our salvage yard - solo vs 2 CVs. He managed to smash our repair pad about 15km from the planet - AND make it back to the planet while we tried to chase him.

It was a pretty ballsy move and really goes to show how durable CVs can be when built to fight.

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lol @ engineering skills please,

For one most people don’t spend the time learning how the weapons work / target , or even how / what guns to put on a ship. Not to mention tricks like how / why to recore your ship after you build it. Or what the weapons even target. This has nothing to do with armor or some magical way to place blocks. Has everything to do with people knowing a few tricks that others have not figured out yet :stuck_out_tongue:

ofc the N+1 rule is always nice when pvp’ing and 2+ CV’s with guns going should blast a solo ship.

But keep spinning the l33t building to the people that don’t know , you can’t fool everyone though.

I and my friends have already faced the LBP group and numerical disadvantage and they had the surprise factor, there were 4 ships against ours were in the trader system coming back from a rescue mission, we did not wait for the attack and we were not in combat position and we stayed In a more fragile area of the ship, and we ended up dying, today the ship was modified and updated this stronger, something that harmed us a lot was the terrible latency at the time of the combat, especially when the ship entered and left the orbit of the planet trader , At the time the pilot of the ship crashed and had to dislocate when it was too late the ship was bugged and did not move anymore …

I think it is the trick combined with some engineering and design principles that have proven to work. All those tricks are like multipliers for a well designed ship. Where you place certain blocks and certain components does indeed have an affect.

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Honestly most of the turrets with the exception of the rockets are fairly useless in space battles right now. They don’t lead targets properly and you can dodge pretty much all their fire simply by maintaining good angular velocity. It sounds like a fix for that is possibly coming in the next patch, but the wording is unclear. If they fix that, and the way turret targeting works, CV’s will drop a lot faster. Unfortunately it will also mean that cube ships will dominate, which is pretty boring. The current mechanics are certainly broken, but they at least allow for more interesting ship designs.


Agreed nauttdog, it all comes down to who puts in the effort to learn about the current " best " pvp meta.

I enjoy it and have only ever died once in a cv vs cv and that was due to , as Freeman pointed out the buggyness of making the transition from warp / or planet side. One reason I was so vocal about being in the warp-ins. Ofc what I see on my screen and what others see on their screens could be two different things atm. I get it but if you are a pirate give the guys a few to get loaded up / reconnect.


Which if you would just listen and comprehend what has been told you to probably over a dozen times now. We sit out of render distance from the warp in. you have a chance. just once we see you leave the warp in spot you are fair game. ill be coming out to you and then following you until you are dead. Either way.

As for the ship designs, of course you build ships to be as highly functional and combat worthy with the current mechanics. You don’t generally design and build otherwise. What are you meaning by the ‘trick’ you act like we are forcibly manipulating you into something. yes all the modules are placed in locations to not be blown up. Would think that was a rather common part of shipbuilding

Token we killed you a good distance off the planet iirc. something like 5k off before you tried to run down to the planet with your buddy who escaped. was 2 on 2 and then on the other side of the planet another of your guys got killed by one of our guys in a 1 on 1. if you were bugged as you are saying you were doing a lot of maneuvering and shooting back.


Can you show any logs or screen shots of you killing me ?

Anyway like I said what a person sees on his / her screen could very well be different than what you see.

Could it be that after a warp a person in ship takes time to load and the guy sitting 5k away sees him way before he is even loaded ?

I have no clue but all this " camping " threads leads me to think something like this could be happening. Another reason to give a bit of a buffer from the warp-ins. Just too many bugs at being even 5k near them.

Again I have not lost but one CV due to pvp CV vs CV and that was a workshop ( care bear ship ) :stuck_out_tongue: I just took off and went pew pew.

I have never lost my pvp CV yet during a CV vs CV battle :slight_smile:

I’ve never lost a PvP HV yet during an HV vs HV battle. Also I do not have a PvP HV and have never been an an HV PvP - in fact I have never ever been in an HV and have no clue what I’m talking about but it doesn’t stop me from posting.

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