Left Faction, Please help

I left my faction Incidently I created on NA Server the faction is KRAKON. tried to get a member to reinvite me but she couldn’t. my Players name is KRAKON he is on easy starter T1 can you help me?

Changing topic to get support, admin should be able to set other player as owner or admin.

to late now sorry no one left in faction to do that now. can you just wipe all of KRAKEN stuff so we can build new base with new faction?

You should be able to make new faction right now. Its just a matter of housekeeping at this point.

no in game admins on… could you just make me owner of KRAKEN I have a lot of stuff… its not letting me put a new core for base under new faction. keeps saying… To Build here point at base and click Connect to…but nothing block still red

Is it Kraken or Krakon? What is the acronym? What are the players names in question?

Looks like @Jascha is active right now, he MAY be able to help.

KRAKON owner Vallaria Member

do we need to leave the current faction we are in, ONEOFMANY?

There is only a “KRAKEN” > “KRA” faction on NA… is it that?

yes sir

Ok, you are in KRA again and Founder. You can reinvite and promote others now.

can you put Vallaria back in she hit wrong tab and thank you sir


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Thank you so much… me and the wife really Love the Game!!!