Lets fight - Lag party next

Well no one seems to care about lag on this server so this will be my last post taling about this. I will do as everyone alse…

My new SVhas 8 layers of steel / windows and about 200 thrusters. That should take any base 1 hour to kill.

Lets build massive CV´s with 10k blocks as a cube and lag everyone out… I will consider a crash of server as a win for me.

I hope you all will have fun. I will be eating popcorn and looking at the 1 fps fights.

All I’m seeing is a good 'ol fashioned rant. We can use less of that nonsence on the forums. It’s killing the community! Which in my eyes is a bigger problem.

Naturally your rants aren’t going to keep people from doing what they do.
If Rex were to chain us up even more with new SV rules, it wouldn’t increase fun nor playability anyhow.

Why don’t you take a step back from the game till it becomes playable again.

Personally I only reap my autominer and stuff my OCD for better days to come.
Treat it like it’s winter…

I have been the one that have hunted harder device rules for maybe 8 weeks now… But to many people want to have lag party instead.

My ocd is filled upp and its better to have somehitng to do. So i am trying this as a new way to look at things with their eyes.

We both know it takes more factors to take in account when it comes to approving server rules. I’m certain the admins can decide this for themselves.

You’re basically fed up with the current situation and what do you do?
You continue playing with hatred. Look, if the state of the game pisses you off so much, seriously >> chill out >> log off >> stay chill >> do something else for a while >> return when the state of the game is more to your satisfaction.

Max CV block count was reduced to 10k blocks, THIS DOES NOT CAUSE LAG!
Further anti-lag CV rules have already been implemented, people not following those rules should be reported, they will probably get banned. I suggest you don’t copy their behavior.

I would never brake any rules. I will follow the rules.

I have moved all my stuff to pve and will stay there and just go to pvp when i feel happy and want to kill someone.

I don’t care about what you plan to do ingame, all I’m saying is there aren’t SV rules and if the admins didn’t implement these yet then it probably has a reason.

You’re giving us very useless information momentarily and I don’t see a point in discussing this any further. Unless you have something else to share

If this is the message you’re trying to share with us… go ahead and do whatever you feel like. It is however not worth posting about, there seems to be no point nor constructive criticism in your words.