Let's have a discussion about Garage Ships and Industry

Hello fellow survivalists!

I apologise in advance if I’ve repeated a previous forum post or missed the info, I’m still getting my head around the vast amount of features HWS has to offer.


The existence of PvP garage ships. I can’t seem to find any and so I had a great idea that I would like to share with the community. A type of shipyard that offers unique HWS meta PvP vessels created and approved by a HWS member who is familiar with the design requirements.

Multiple tiers of PvP vessels designed to get newer players into PvP combat as soon as possible without the hundreds, if not thousands of hours required to understand the niche and unique mechanics involved in not just Empyrion, but HWS ship design.

The tiers of vessels could be graded on resource costs, build quality and even size classes. They should be expensive, yet not out of reach of a newer faction.


There are numerous reasons why I think this idea could add great content to the server.

  1. Conflict Saturation. Getting people into PvP gameplay faster would be optimal for more dynamic faction interactions in the game. This could potentially create more random and non consensual conflict, thus giving a richer and more dynamic PvP and PvE gameplay experience for longer.

  2. Industry. Please forgive me if I’m wrong about this, but I get the feeling after so long many factions and players become very wealthy and don’t have alot to spend gold on after upgrading most of their stuff? With a shipyard or hybrid garage style system, factions can go harder and deeper into conflict without the risk of having to mine resources for hours, thus being able to turn around ships faster. Perhaps this could move more gold around?

  3. Synergy. As this is a building game at it’s core, would it benefit the Economy to create an Industry where experienced builders can make a living designing and building ships?

  4. Faction Armament. I’m thinking of not only smaller factions being able to contest bigger and older factions, but factions being able to arm their allies or mercs. As most of the experienced factions would not be willing to hand out their blue prints they have toiled over for thousands of hours… they could spend gold and arm their smaller, less experienced allies.


I believe this could by having a community trusted HWS police, moderator or community member with in depth knowledge of what the meta that is unique to HWS entails, oversee and approve the designs. A Gold Standard would be set with requirements that must be met in order for the PvP vessel to be deemed ‘Combat Worthy’.

These requirements may or may vary depending on pricing and/or tier of vessel. Essentially at it’s core mechanic, players build PvP vessels, submit them for approval and sell them through the shipyard for a percentage of the credits spent on it. The credits would be enough to incentivise the creator/s to pursue further profit thus creating INDUSTRY. It may even be possible to make the creator build the ship, then sell it at the shipyard for more credits than the time spent gathering the resources. The creator may even then, seek out miners/salvagers to purchase the materials required to build the ship.

Good business would be a tidy profit margin between purchasing the mats, building the ship and selling it. It has the possibility of creating a chain of Industry and business down to the PvE level thus incorporating many playstyles in it’s development.

Do you think that this idea could add to the economy and universe of HWS in the future? I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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another major reason “PvP zones” carry a negative stigma is that most do not know how to efficiently build a proper PvP ship that will not shred is seconds. most don’t even bother taking the risk exploring theses zones because of this. There are a few PvP ships on the workshop but the selection isn’t very vast.

i suggest all veterans donate older builds to this cause. one of the main complaints of those that mainly prefer PvP is the lack of battles. helping others to get there would benefit this as well.

the steam workshop would work very well for this idea. host your old blueprints and tag with HWS. just be sure to keep them updated with the latest feature bug bandage technology :wink:

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