Limit foretaste

Since nobody gives a f… on the current limits (9 CVs on a PvE playfield…) we activate the R6J faction again so the transition won’t be too hard on friday.

We have to stop this overcrowded Minecraft-Building-Mania.

If you see your stuff is set to faction R6J you know why.

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You go man… RJ6 on everything.

MAD and MDA will leave all PVE enviroment to help with the issues with bases.

We have simply said to our members that its not allowed to have Bases in PVE worlds.

I hope more will follow.

gogogo Rex :slight_smile:

I have a tiny outpost in pk3, i will go and dismantle this one, the rest will be on toll or pvp.

Bring it on!! Too many ppl in PvE will kill this game. Conversely, not enough balance in PvP will also kill it.

Rexx you said that devs are coming to HWS…
I’m dieing to know what they think about all the performance problems and such.
Spoil or jail.


The cake was a lie

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Great! Hopefully it will work. I talked allready to my Factionmember and we got only one CV left for the faction. I keep a Warpdrive-Dock in my BP´s for just in case but we dont need more then one CV at this time.


Can R6J please move all the confiscated point in orbit so we can use them for target practice?

If that isn’t possible please just move Thran and we’ll use him instead :smiling_imp:

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