Little bug - turrets (3.4 but who knows)

Ok so i think you should know about this as i recently read some thread here about SWP destroying someones core inside CV with no blocks around destroyed. Im not telling they are not doing it, what im telling is that Eleon coding skills are same as mine when i was 5. (I had no coding skills when i was 5)

Its hard to punish someone for doing something in Empyrion as you could never know…this is from 3.4 i decided to test, but i suppose its same in 3.3.1, i havent noticed any turrets change in notes, it might be some other change though.

I decided to lock POI as i dont like to mine anymore, I built turrets to defend base against drones as drone base was still intact. Turrets destroyed core of base without damaging any blocks around it, also core was way under turrets, i kept putting them higher to avoid them trying to hit base they wasnt able to aim at thus they was wasting ammo.
I failed.

  1. This are turrets at max downwards aiming, obviously they aim above whole base

  2. This is from turrets point of view, as you can see turret is not able to hit base

  3. This is dmg probably turret did, way under direction it was aiming at

  4. This is core and some friends of mine

  5. This is me looking the direction where turrets are, you can see the ceiling is intact


  1. Never trust anything you see in Empyrion as it will only confuse you. If you think that something is away, under the possible aim of turret you are probably wrong.
  2. If you think solid wall can protect you think twice. There is nothing like solid wall.

Go and test it, i have enough for one day :slight_smile: