Little help with weight and SV/HV/CV

So, i’m still trying to wrap my head around this new weight thing.

I haven’t played for approx a year and obviously came back to a bit of a shock to all the changes. That being specifically the weight problem…

I understand that it should be a thing but its excessive, like it feels game breaking for me, trying to transfer stuff across from a starter planet is next to impossible with a loaded up SV o.O

Am i doing something wrong? ive used the blocks to increase the weight to 10k but even then 300 ores take up way more than what they should? im confused, i cannot transfer anything with ease and am trying to think of a way to tackle it?


which server are you talking about? in the reforged eden server, SVs don’t work very well for hauling, CVs have a lot more cargo lift. NA and EU should not have as much issues with cargo lift.

Well first thing to understand is the extenders for a Cargo box only extends the volume for that box, much like digging a deeper hole in RL for say a tree over a plant. Then when it comes to lifting off the SV you need the right amount of LIFT power in your Down Facing thruster. I also use a start CV that I later use as a drop ship so my Big CV never has to go to planet. Easier and safer so as to not loose everything. Also a great Roleplay thing.
The idea behind the Weight/Volume is not to break the game but to give purpose to a fleet of ships instead of a jack of all trades. Without the system you can put everything you store in a huge CV into a very small SV that kills immersion for most. Takes some getting use to but if you go into it with an open mind you will catch on fast. Discord is also a great place if you get stuck as many people monitor there to be helpful including myself.