Little idea instead of auto mining

Hey all ^^

I was looking on the chat and saw already some pps complaining about the auto mining and i think they are not wrong as it kills a bit the survival aspect.

What about instead of free ores doing nothing, is it possible to give some kind of upgradable bonus when you actually need to mine some ores like (it’s an example) :

bonus iron : lv1 +10%, lv 2 +20% etc… so you still to go looking for deposits and meteorites and pirates can still hunt for cargoes ^^, it will be like a specialization, and you upgrade it with EC.

i don’t know if you can influence the numbers of ores players are collecting with your tools.

That’s it for the idea :slight_smile:



That is a great idea yes. Only issue is, can it be coded? Can you individually affect a players mining effectiveness? I don’t think it’s possible atm.

But i love this idea. yes!

Frankly, the autominer is obsolete. If there was a demand for ore that wasn’t being met by supply, autominer would be great, but we don’t need more ore. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the AM is a precursor to major server changes that remove ability to get ore from the game? :slight_smile: or seriously reduce ability to obtain ore.