Little new faction/OCD patch

Hey @everyone

a little late and you maybe wondered already but Jascha got some time today and implemented a little nice (for some of you not ;)) OCD patch.

From now on it is like this:
Only in PvP playfields you have following cooldowns on the OCD:PUT command:

Lawless - 60 minutes
Pirate - 45 minutes
Hunter - 30 minutes
Alliance - 15 minutes
Trader - 7 minutes

updated the HWS Guide

Since we have now the API and everything is smoothly integrated it was time to bring back the initial idea of OCD back:
Backup your stuff for a full wipe / special case / trading.
It was not meant as a DHL instant hot chic delivery system to escape pvp situations.

Your HWS Team


its late here and i am knacked can someone put this in simple english for me please.

does ocd:put:all still work? because i’ve been on for way more than 15 min and I still keep getting the msg about ‘my systems need to cool down’

I clicked on this subject thinking there was a “new faction” coming =P

Absolutely love the new instant OCD, makes dealing with moving stuff for the upcoming patch so much easier!
Makes total sense to have limitations on both put and get in PVP.

Now I have had some sleep.

The OCD:PUT command can only be used once every 7 min as a Trader in PVP.

I guess this includes OCD:PUT:ALL command as well. Which is the only one I use when I think I will die. So for me this does not cause me any issues at all. Whoop Whoop

OCD:Put and OCD:Put:all should work now after the mentioned time. Sorry mixed up minutes with hours :expressionless: |

I hope u think about some TIME before this command works?

I mean, u type command and it runs only after 20-30 sec delay. Other way, thats not dat OCD limits, which we expect.

I do not understand this absurd difference of time of both the alliance and trader, with respect to the others, in pvp I find this unfair, I mean a trade can throw things every 7 min for the OCD, but a pirate and a hunter has to wait 45 and 30, explains why certain factions are treated differently if in pvp all are armed and can die the same way, under the same conditions, or does the pirates hunter and without laws do not collect refusals for themselves?

I think the cooling in pvp should be a bit for everyone, that would be fair, but different time goes to pve.

Despite the change this is still not fair.

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I thought about different cooldowns because they fit to the different playstyles.
If pirates also have a 7 minute cooldown they can even more raid other people and don’t fear to lose their stuff because they just put everything in ocd.
Too powerful and the role of pirates is to risk for fun.
Hunters are sneaky space ninjas. Making sure to prepare their actions. Also not boost with easy put.

For traders it should be a bit more rewarding going to PvP for trading / mining.

That they escape all to pve now is considered in 5.0.

RexXxuS I am not complaining in any way from the time of using the OCD of the pirates and hunters, what I am saying is that too easy for alliance and mainly traders, we have an example of this was the 5AT that changed to 5AP, which for a long time used the Trader tag and acted like pirates and only with the aggravation of the rules and fear punishment he changed his tag, however his style was always of pirates and they obtained absurd advantages during all this time, which I defend and a unique cooldow while it is in playerfield Pvp.

I would suggest something around 25 to 30 minutes for all factions in pvp, I think it’s a fair time for all …

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If we takes EU server, reality says, that only Pirates didnt hide any stuff from others. And all others, goes for ninja-minning with using OCD every moment they can. That ruins any sense in PvP-zone and rare resources… How we could talk about RARE resources, if they could be easily farmed and saved in PvP-area ???

And MORE: give some time on activation! It mustn’t be instant command or dismiss ocd:put:all from PvP-area at all!

Maybe clock the time it takes to sell to a friends buy-order in the marketplace and put the same time delay on OCD.
Even if OCD is restricted, everyone would still use the marketplace to “insta”-move valuable items out of PVP zones anyway …

Just look at the amounts of “999 gold-ore wanted” for 0,001 CR in the marketplace

it might me nice to have a faction OCD offcourse with more resources possible to put in :slight_smile:

maybe also a faction bank? with some possible tax to be set for every member in the faction?

just thinking :wink:

In my opinion the OCD itself - it is a tool for violates the rules of the game and ideology. This is a game with a full loot. OCD allows you to bypass this restriction. It would be logical to bring the action of the OCD in the PVE area, and restrict any action with him on PVP playfields


I’m my opinion and I think the original intention was that OCD was a wipe ‘safety feature’ risk/reward is minimal atm and trader doesn’t actually need to haul items… But this is ruined anyway by the ingame market place.

I believe no OCD use at all in pvp personally. Pve for prep then head into the dangerous universe… What I really dislike is that In pvp when a container blows up you lose everything anyway… Daft really, they should fall into a container like when you die. How many times you destroyed someone and then go Into loot their ship and there is just blocks left…

Hhhm thinking about it this is something that the devs should be made aware of… I’ll get a video together now :slight_smile:


As mentioned here and there: the hidden feature of ocd and why it is so loved is: it is a bug killer. So even if you lost stuff due bugs. Even if the container exploded the ocd is your best friend you can trust forever.
Trust in features is in my long game experience one of the most important things. Since the trust in OP warping and pvp is gone I wanted to help you all with OCD.

So if I see some crucial fixes for pvp are done we make the ocd to an integrated game feature where you need to pay rp / credits if you want to use it in pvp


It would be nice if you could make no cooldown ocd on rotating pve planets. It’s annoying to have to haul all the ore/ingots back to faction planet every time and having to go through the extra steps to move and store it all in cargo boxes until then vs just being able to ocd it right out of your inventory.

have you tried ocd:put:all?