Locked out of ship & base after creating faction

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What happened: I made a faction. I’m now locked out of ship & base. I left the faction and am still locked out but list still says I’m the owner of the faction.
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Server: EU server
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Playfield: CryoL1
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I warped you away but have no ship name or ship ID and overall:

My ship is outside com ctr and my base is cords -2428,77 -408
ship is called AlieniteSV and base is called ‘Base’

thx but I still don’t know what the problem is. Your ship should belong to you and faction can’t be recognized. Either stay longer on the server until the tool got your faction tag or let me know to what faction I should set your ship so you can access it again. (same for the base)


I don’t belong to a faction. (i left the one I created to try and fix the issue) and it doesn’t exist any more.
Sorry to be a pain but I’ve got no other avenues.

Ok, then login to the game and create a new faction. Then I can reassign the structures to your new faction.

Ok, new faction name is Accite Destruction ( !AD )

Done. Next time please rename your base. We have at the moment about 500+ structures called “Base”.

Of course, no probs. cheers for the help.