Logged in to my ship being INSIDE a building

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

As title states. Ship is inside a building when I log in. :

Player(s) Kazkid42:


Time (cb:time):

Playfield:Freelancer Base Planet

Structure Name(s):Omicron 1

Structure ID(s):Ship ID 16465123

How can we help you now: Warp ship out of the building please. COnnect says I havent played this server for some reason.

THank you AGAIN!

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WEll I see it to roof…but still stuck. sigh

Still? I warped it again.

Yes…stuck a bit in the roof…I moved away to a hillside

Please make use of our “help-yourself-commands”:

Get somewhere outside and type


Check them out here:


WOrked…Ill print commands list out today at work…THANKS AGAIN!


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