Looking to befriend an admin or two, learn to play, eventually become part of the team

Hey guys. I’m brand spanking new to the game. This server was the first I logged into and I looked around a bit, got some info about server features and whatnot. I attempted to find some of the admins on steam but there is several of the same name. Anyway I wish to befriend an admin or moderator… for some pointers and nerdy sci fi talk to start. But I am highly experienced in owning, adminning, and modding servers in other games (Hurtworld and Rust primarily) and I might also be interested in joining the team down the road. I am highly obsessed with meta and game balance so you can always depend on me to give input on that when asked as well. But for now, yeah, I simply just want to get in touch with a couple of you guys to get better familiarized with the game and server and its inhabitants… although you don’t have to worry about me badgering you 24/7 for help. I typically learn fast once I have the basics down.

You can add me on steam at http://steamcommunity.com/id/CaptainNebulous/

Welcome and good luck. I think the last volunteer help lasted ~3 weeks. Achilles excluded…

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Hey dude welcome to the community, I’m not a mod or admin but as close as you get ingame on this server (supporter factions) most admin are in EU (Germany and UK) so will prob be working just now but will appear when they can :slight_smile:

Welcome on HWS,

I recommend using Discord or the Forum PM for getting in touch. I hate steam chat because the history isn’t saved :wink:

First recommendation is to read things here and there and see how you come along.
At the beginning it is a steep learning curve but later on satisfying.

Regarding joining the team:
What timezone are you coming from?

Before joining this brutal world I recommend to check the game out before a bit and know what is good and what is bad. Everyone of us admins were a quite good player before. Now we are… :older_man: :wink:

For ideas in general we are always open, especially the community :popcorn:

If you need help let us know.


Haha this is why a supporter I will remain :wink: not ready to hang up my boots ingame yet lol still to much new things to experience and fun to be had :stuck_out_tongue:

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Well of course before even considering a serious effort at being a volunteer i will need a while to get used to the game, I don’t even know 100% if I like it for the long term or not yet… but it seems like it has a lot of potential. I am in EST, GMT -5 I believe.

I also wanted to leave this post to introduce myself and try to let you know ahead of time that I’m not a troll and I like to be friendly :wink:

I always intend on not becoming one of those players who just chases people off the server I’m playing on.

Anyway I will definitely hop on discord soon and most likely hop back in game later on tonight.

One more thing… anyone here ever watch Babylon 5? Man that was one of the top 3 scifi shows ever! Alright guys, cheers and thanks for the responses.