Looking to commit to HWS but have a few questions

I run a PvE dedicated server for my buddies but I can sense they’re nearly “done” with Empyrion for now. I LOVE Empyrion and want to check out servers/communities with a large and active player base. It seems HWS NA fits the bill, but before I commit, would you all be able to answer a few questions?

  • I’m more into camaraderie with sharing builds, exploring together, and doing raids against the AI. Is this possible on HWS or do I always have to be “on my toes” for PvP destruction?
  • Does HWS mod the AI? Stock AI is potato, but mods like Reforged Galaxy tweak the AI and make it MUCH stronger.
  • What difficulty level is used on HWS and are base attacks frequent? On my server today, I have AI set to Hard with frequent base attacks because having “stakes” in defending your base is important.
  • Is CPU and Volume on or off with HWS? Stock is so unbalanaced, and awesome mods like Reforged Galaxy help, but it’s still not quite there.
  • How often are servers wiped? I see HWS has “seasons” but not sure how long they run for. I enjoy “permanence” and on my server, I’ve been able to keep the same Save across alpha 12 into 1.1.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know much about the PVE side of things… This is the best server that is out there. I have about 3.5k hours in other servers before starting this one… now I have 3.5k hours in just this server! Heavily modified all around…

  1. Ya, faction/group based adventures are very popular on this server

  2. Pretty sure it mods the AI… Still potato because its Empyrion…

  3. I assume hard? Not sure… someone else can chime in.

  4. It is, but W/V is modified.

  5. Seasons last 3 months typically…

ai has been enhanced but still a little potato. the sentry turrets in POIs are brutal though. lots of customization all around and the team is very open to feedback. there are a few groups that are always willing to take in newcomers. check out the recruiting section on discord for more info