Losing Ammunition on Playfield-Change


We just restarted on HWS 3 days ago, went to the moon and on every playfield-change the loaded ammunition vanished. I have 1 Minigun and 2 Rocketlauncher on my basic SV, crafted 100 rockets and 1000 15mm bullets when leaving the Homeworld. After Return: 10 Rockets and 100 15mm Bullets(did not reload once) left. We did not shoot anything (everything is dead everywhere… beside some bugs which we kill per Hand for that bit of xp).

Any Info on that bug? Could not find it on the reports.

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Hey Dan and welcome back,

I just tried it with some SV prefabs like the Tier3a one and neither in the ammo box nor in the guns I see an ammo lost.
Not heard of it also till now.

Can you reproduce this please / make a video ?


I tried to reproduce the bug to get some video for you, but… seems its shy. If i ever see it happening again i´ll give you a call R.

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