Loss Of Inventory Dues To Bugs

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What happened:
=> Three days ago, I was traveling on motorbike and have enter a certain flat plain limbo that is outside the planet’s world within the planet’s environment. Then, two days ago, the admin helped me out. He mentioned to submit a ticket for inventory restore.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Teleprovider


Time (cb:time):
=> 11pm-3am

=> Cryo Planet Easy Easy Plain

Structure Name(s):
=> none

Structure ID(s):
=> none

How can we help you now:
=> Restore loss of inventory dues to glitch

Hello and welcome back @Teleprovider

2 days is quite some time ago.
Can you please let me know what admin said it and what exact time it happened?
(type cb:time ingame)

I remember this. I told him I can’t restore backpacks and to submit a ticket.

It was via discord on Monday evening (US). If he did his fa:supply and egs:spawn it would have been shortly before that.

ok done.

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