Lost 2 bases and ships

I have had this happen twice now and not sure whats going on. First a few weeks ago i started on the Freelancer path. Had a nice little base (on the starter planet) with an HV, SV and CV. Was preparing to warp out of the area and the next day I logged in to find it all gone. The base was likely past its starter timer (as I found it when I started, someone else built it and opened it to public) but the CV I think was only 1 to 2 days old. I had started playing on the 4th I believe and by the 8th everything was gone. Left me a little agitated, I just assumed I missed something about the wipe so didn’t report it. I had checked cb:wipe (and NextWipe) and it never gave me any information.

I chalked the first one up to my fault, but wasn’t sure. However that weekend my kids decided they wanted to play (and since I had already lost everything, had moved all my resources to the CV in prep for leaving), I reset my character and we built a little starter base on the Guardian planet Sunday (the 10th). Got a pretty good start, then I logged on the morning of the 13th and everything was gone again (including my emergency builder and oxygen creator). We had just built the thing and less than 3 days it was gone.

Is there something I am missing or were these bugs?


sadly we cant say much since its so long ago. Our logs stay only for a 4-5 days and in Order to check anything we would need at least an ID of that ship.
Could be a drone. Maybe a to tiny ship (under 10 devices). Or its a bug.
But if that happens again to us, please let us know directly so that we can see what happend.
Sorry :frowning:

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