Lost 200 Max Health

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What happened: My character had 1000 max health a few days ago and now only has 800. I checked the skill tree and I have 22 points available but cannot repurchase the missing 200 max health.
Player(s) with issue: open6L
Server: NA
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How can we help you now: Add the missing 200 health I had.

hm but you see that you did not select 200 Max Health points.
So what do you say is the problem?
Did you select them and now there is the other thing selected or what is exactly wrong here?
For me it looks all right. Also the tool shows the same thing.

That would be a monster bug and not happened ever so far.
You maybe miss something in advance but never retro.

And as Jascha said your screenshot shows that you did not click +50 and +150 = +200 Health but went for 1000 Food instead.

Hi Jascha. I did select +50 and +150 2 weeks ago. My character had 1000 max health up until a few days ago when I noticed it was back down to 800. That is the problem. Somehow it reset 200 points on my character.

Hi RexXuS. This is what is puzzling. I did select 50 and 150 and my character had a maximum 1000 health points for 2 weeks until a few days ago when I noticed it was now max 800. Something must have happened to cause the loss of 200 points. Initially I thought it was death related or suit related but a friend has died multiple times more than me and still has his 1000 points and I’ve changed multiple suits. The other question then is why can’t I buy the remaining points (again) if I have enough skill points? Thanks.

Hmm very very weird.

I mean even if the Database somehow got rolled back, since it is an independent system from everything outside and inside the game it would mean at least, that the tool would still show 1000 Health, which is not the case.
Maybe @Jascha can implement a character stat history log but so far we can’t reproduce or understand what happened weeks ago.

But since the season still goes for awhile what you can do is to click the red big button at the bottom. Reset everything and you can spend your Skill Points fresh towards 1000 Health after 10 days.

I don’t know what you mean with “buy” but some player are confused about my logic. Maybe I have a strange logic but All Skills points do not COST Skillpoints but just REQUIRE. Only the red Reset button at the bottom “cost” Skill Points (20+) which means they are removed from you.

A major rework of the Skill Point + Skill system is planned for HWS 8.X or HWS 9 since Alpha 8 consumes too much time with reworking everything (Universe) from scratch again.

Ok thanks. I will try resetting and start over again.

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