Lost all credits

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What happened: not log for some weeks
Player(s) with issue: Lost all credits
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Write here
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Structure ID(s): Write here
How can we help you now: Dont know why i lost all :wink: i had approx 25M i play sometimes after the full wipe, i have the keep 70M. thx


usually there is no Bank Coin loss over time.
I checked your account since the wipe and indeed you had 25.113.572 Credits.
But you also played 7 hours since then on the server until you came back.
And we have no more logs about the time you played there.

So It could be you gave the money to someone or payed for something, or payed tax. Or there was really a tool bug, but why just you?
Its hard to tell.

We do an exception and restored 25 mil. But its a gray area…

yep i understand, but i promise i know noone one server and don t give anything, anyway i will have a strange asking, after thinking of the game and your server you can wipe my money my ocd and my oam.
In fact i cannot play anymore on your server since each time after wipe i loose interest in game because i have millions, plenty of stuf so after one or two days i have everything and because i am alone i cannot compete in pvp.
to resume, after playing since zero on other server that does full wipe even money and stuff, i again be enjoyed by the game starting from zero. I understand that you need money for the server so i have no solution and i think this is a kind of harcore server.

so pleased can you wipe my bank ocd and oam ? thx

sorry for bad english

So you enjoy playing from Zero and want us to wipe your
OCD - Items and level?
AM - Items and level?
Bank Coins?

I understand your decision (since to much stuff really spoils the fun) but just want to make sure this is correct.

yes plz i enjoyed the game from zero otherwise i stop playing after a few hours, and anyway i will have donate to the server even if no advantage return .


Hello @borealis

thanks for your feedback and request!
You are not alone with that feeling. Some player playing on HWS since we started on march 2016.
They have the old OCD content logic of 700 000 items per slot even.

We totally understand that this can spoil the fun and you don’t see a reason to “survive” and “raid” anymore.
Something @smudgybear often “complained” about too, so your request is totally legit and we will take care of this.

The rework of OCD is on the list but for the next season we have to concentrate on a cool universe. We hope to get back to our HWS feature rework with Alpha 9 = HWS 9.

Anyways I have put this in the Guide for others too now:

Note: You can request a complete OAM wipe to start fresh again, without your OAM content + levels, which might spoil your gameplay. Just contact @Jascha or @RexXxuS

Note: You can request a complete OCD wipe to start fresh again, without your old items, which might spoil your gameplay. Just contact @Jascha or @RexXxuS

Thanks for your big support already and as always: even more important than supporting us with real money is that you enjoy your time here.

thx for that :wink:
i dont have the legetimate to give advice, because big corporation like this system :), but for me the perfect thing would be to donate each wipe for some things so as everybody starts from zero even those nasty pvp uber player that they will have to grind with their tiny T1 drill :slight_smile: but i understand that maybe they would stop the game if that will be the case ^^
Any way thx for help

Alright, your wipe is complete.
It will be visible in HWS Connect once you logged in and play for about 5 minutes.

While the OCD does not get filled with items “magically” and most players farmed for that I totally agree that the Economy is still not that balanced that you have also to spend a lot of what you farmed. So over time you just hoard more than you ever will need.
Which is again a choice of players to do but from natural human philosophy it means they get bored and leave after a while.

So either they request a wipe as you did or in my next OCD rework I find some other smart way to handle it (OCD Prestige for example).

Thanks again for your feedback and have fun starting from zero :slight_smile:

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