Lost all my money in my bank over the holidays and now have a debt

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I play on the NA server with ingame name of Privatebarnes82. I just happened to notice this today when depositing gold, the bank says I have 0 credits and a debt of 6,000. I had nearly 400K in the bank before I went on vacation at xmas, so I’m just wondering where it all went. my taxes say I’m a lucky man and don’t have any. Is this a glitch or can you tell me where it went? thanks for your assistance.

i seem to have cash mysteriously disapear also i was told its from being fined or punished for someone complaining im not following rules …idk… it may be taxes i am freelancer as well and left my ship sitting in homeworld for a few days which i beleive now has taxes whether ur freelancer or not… it would be nice to see a transaction history on the Hws connect so we knew where our money was going… maybe u spent cash on upgrading autominers or ur OCD?.

well I know a faction member did leave a ship in homeworld but taxes shouldn’t have been high enough to eat up all my cash…I don’t believe we were fined and I did all my upgrades and the 400k was what was left lol

Homeworld space is fined. If you left a 100 device ship in homeworld, with two players in faction each would be charged 50k credits a day. Just saying. Tax math is brutal when you have no RP

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lol, ya…damn taxes…thanks tho McP…from what EFA members reported we were being taxed 2000 a day for 3 days. Being told about this is actually what spurred me to check my bank and bam it was empy. I just wanna know why its gone…if its suppose to be gone, then its all good…its not a high priority or anything, just curious

Please see Guide at Chapter 6.3 Taxes