Lost all my stuff!

I knew a wipe was going to happen so I went on the website to see the countdown for the wipe and woke up 3 hours earlier just to make sure i get my stuff off of Earth.
When I logged in everything was gone. Apparently the counter on the website is incorrect. I`m just starting out and I lost 2 days worth or Ores. Is there anyway to get it back?

I must concur with this Gentleman. The countdown on the web site seems to be off by a few hours. Did not affect me because I have it on a different counter but it could be an issue for the new players.

Eff put a few buy orders at 0. If I see your name I can give you a hand with some of the Ores. Note that I am not support. Just trying to help. If you ingame name is not Eff then make sure you post your name. I dont normally fill orders at 0 CR unless I ask people. :slight_smile:

To clarify the current behavior, counter is correct only if you are in GMT+2 timezone.
You can set your system time to that or calculate adjustment (e.g. if you’re in GMT-3, the timer will show wipe time 5 hours later than it actually hapens).

I looked again in the code and the sommer/wintertime was set wrong which should only be a difference about 1 hour, not 3 though.
The realtime should be always your local time - properly converted to the wipe time.
I would appreciate if people all around the world would just send me a small screenshot of THEIR sidebar + the local windows clock.
Like so: