Lost BP Space Station 7.0

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Lost finished BP Space Station 7.0
Player(s) with issue: Dawg
Time (cb:time): Sometime in the last 12-15 hrs BP finished yesterday at noon States Central Stardard
Playfield: Write here
Structure Name(s): Space Station 7.0
Structure ID(s): Dont have one never took out of factory
How can we help you now: The mats are back in the factory but do I really have to wait another 18hrs for it? Not sure where to put it wanted to create some support defenses before spawning it in.

You have a great reputation here so I definitely believe you however since I do not have access to the tool, only Rex would be able to check. But meanwhile perhaps I can help to spawn the blueprint for you first?

Sorry we cant really do anything about that, because we can’t proove it :(.

Thank you nice to see that some people see past my sometimes not meaning but hostile words.

As for spawning it as I said I wanted to make the support items before putting it in the server. All the mats are still in the factory I just hate idea of another day of wait. Its an 18hr BP otherwise I would suck it up. I know Rex is busy which is why I just logged out and left the factory as is. If need be I can hit the production button and then maybe someone can insta finish it? This shows the mats were there. Though I get you may hear this kind of thing from time to time by those that dont want to wait. I am very strategic in how I play the game. Which was an issue in this beginning with the faction support pack as I did not want to run around with it but did not see it was needed if I wanted to live. LMAO.

Ok well I did not see your response until after I wrote mine. I was hoping your records would have shown something. Figured with yesterdays issues the server might have been moved back in time a bit. I will just cook it up again then.
Never hurts to ask.

Server gods have the final verdict on this. I am very sorry that I could not have been more helpful either. The basic suggestion for providing evidence would be a screenshot or video but I understand that sometimes it is not expected for cases like this.

I could still help you by gifting you one charge of my donator do:bp command if you’d like, if your bp is not already about to be finished, sorry for the delay that I took so long to follow up on your post too.

Nah it was an 18 hr BP and I set it to cook after i saw Jascha (I know I got that wrong sorry) response. Just meant I was not going to be online as my Factory was busy. It happens but you never know until you ask. Thanks for the offer though I got busy with other things today anyhow. Wife being home for the holiday and all.
Oh wait I got that name right just realized its on the screen in front of me. LOL. Took that spelling from memory.