Lost connection to Homeworld orbit playfield on NA cluster

All members of our faction just lost connection to playfield in Homeworld orbit on the NA cluster and are unable to reconnect to the server. This issue has been reported by another user in discord. It appears that the server is still up in the server list. Is this a known issue?

Same issue to me and my friend… we lost connection once we left one of the homeworld planets, after that we can`t even connect back to server…

This issue appears to have been resolved.

How many people were online at that time. You remember?

I don’t remember an exact number but somewhere between 5 and 8 people in my faction and dutorito reported 2 in his faction. I’m not sure about other factions on the server.

This is happening again. Homeworld playfield on NA shard is down.

Thanks. Will look into this

Thank you for the quick response. The homeworld playfield is back online. It appears that I lost the CV I spawned due to the server crash. I had spawned it about 2 minutes before the playfield went offline.

Unfortunately it does not appear in structure commander and I understand that this may make it impossible to retrieve. I did, however, spend a donator blueprint spawn on it to rush it out the door. If the ship can’t be recovered I request that donor command be refunded.