Lost credits and Factory resources - Donator

Love the server, only one you should play! I donated, also paid to have my Forge resources saved and paid to have all credits transfer with wipes. Unfortunately I lost everything still!! Pretty bummed I paid for it and it didnt work, I am hoping to please get some help resolving the issues? I can show you proff of purchase or w.e I ave to do to get back my lost goods I paid to keep. Please help!


@Jascha will look into it. Everything is saved, no worry.

Thank you so much!! =RuDeBoY=

Come on guys. Dont want to be rude :wink: but… Please check everything before. Cant run after everyone to see if he lost something, just to see that all is fine.
You had 1052269 Credits and they are now in your bank. See eb:info.

You had 94k Iron. and these 94k Iron are in your ocd.