Lost CV after warp

I warp jumped from HWS Story to HW around 0:25 GMT (+/-15 min) on EU server. Upon arrival I could not open ship menu (with “p”) or move it. I tried to relogin and found myself inside another player’s CV. Seems like my ship spawned inside it and that caused trouble.
My CV (id 6395003, name is default “Capital Vessel”) was not present at the location of the warp endpoint, but was instead in a rather far away part of the orbit according to hws-connect. However, when I arrived at those coordinates, I found only an empty space labeled as my CV. And now, apparently, my CV is deleted.
Please restore my ship if possible.

I will look into it later.

Please can you also send your logs to the devs by opening a ticket at their page (supprot .empyriongame.com or so. See cb:log) .Put the link to the ticket please here if possible.
Thx for the timeinfo :wink:

Created a ticket, it’s address is https://eleon.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/5954 , but it doesn’t seem publicly accessible.
Also, found a more precise time of the warp in the logs: 0:13:17 GMT+0.

thx a lot especially for the Ticket and the detailed information!
I put your ship close to you: -8300,-4800,250

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