Lost CV and Docked SV

Logged in this morning, and my new CV is gone along with the docked SV. I am now free floating in space.

CV Structure ID: 6336016
SV Structure ID: 6374006

Listed as “Deleted” on HWS Connect. I of course did not delete them… Please help.


I assume by you posting that, you are saying it was deleted in a wipe. I was specifically told orbits didn’t get wiped, it was in orbit, over 5k meters from the planet. As a matter of fact, my friends ship still shows up and was not deleted). Confused, and would like to know what’s going on.

Since almost 3 weeks you can read following if typing cb:wipe

You need to cut down the amount of spam coming through; it’s WAY too much garbage coming across. Anyways, I see that I’ve lost everything and you’ve laid out it’s my fault. No problem, enjoy the server Rex. I’m not starting over and will return to my old server. Best wishes.

I just read you restored others today who had the exact same confusion. haha, interesting. :slight_smile:

That is how the chat works right now. Nothing we can do about it right now. If you think our way of doing still the best out of it is garbage, I am sorry.

Your accusation is not right as I didn’t say anything which says I refuses to restore your ships. After the first post of me I just expected something like “oh, sorry, didn’t know”. I just point out where you could have found the wipe times or find it in future.
Also make sure to name your ships.

I restored your ship and warped them and you to Peacekeeper 2.

I didn’t mean your way of doing things was garbage :slight_smile: I meant the amount of spam/garbage coming through chat makes it difficult to read stuff and clearly I missed that part in my short time on the server. I’m new to the server, and clearly parked in the wrong spot (I even asked in global if the orbit was safe), so now I know.

Thanks Rex.