Lost CV and SV on wipe - Sorry I'm a noob

NA Server on last night’s wipe. I didn’t know that orbit would be cleared and I thought only planets would be.

I didn’t name the CV so it is default name (I understand if you can’t help, although it was in orbit right next to my SV) SV named The 5ET Junkrat. The SV had most of my possessions on it, the CV was in the process of being built (only 250ish blocks, the only pieces I’m worried about are the armored windows 28 total). Any help and mercy you might be able to grant would be greatly appreciated.

In game name is Comanche Brave

Restored your SV.
Warped you to the SV.
Gave you 30 armored Windows.

Thank you so much! I really look forward to getting home after work!