Lost CV - MRA Borg Travel

I lost this CV when you updated to 2.1 and i know you are busy.

Tested to load it back from blueprint localy and that was no problem at all.

Keep up the good work and take this when you have time. I have another CV that i can travel with but i am close to out of resources.

Good luck in the meantime :slight_smile:


Sorry we had some sturcutre outage. So i cant see where it was. Can you help me out.

But about the lost structures…
Did you use the Multitool to upgrade on it?
Did you do something with it.
Many lost their ships and we have to find out why. Devs are searching for it.
But sadly we cant give everyone their ship bakc. Just to many, and since they were modified (so not just a BP) they will not work again.