Lost CV on Gabriel during PVE?

Hi team,

What: My ship was left on Gabriel today during PVE hours, Logged in tonight and it’s gone, shows deleted, an intruder log shows one vistor. HWS NA

Intruder Log:
20 20:07 AK1200 SuN 79 Gabriel Hops Slaughternaut
20 20:08 AK1200 SuN 79 Gabriel Hops Slaughternaut

Structure Commander showing DELETED = True
Hops Slaughternaut 21407006 Gabriel 4050 199 871 1 129346 3 true 2586 0 10:50 173 4528 true

Thanks for the help!! If it was a blunder, i’ll take responsibility of course – Just doesnt seem right being PVE and all.


  • Hops

bump so it doesnt auto-close the thread.

hm this looks like a bug :frowning:
The structure is just gone. The system (not even the game) did not notice that it got destroyed.

AK1200 was close 2 hours before… not sure but then left. not sure it had something to do with it. But It looks like he bumped into it. after that the cv seemed to move slightly until the time of destruction. Maybe that caused it? Beeing buged in a tree or so?

How important is the cv to you? Do we need to get it back?

Ack… Well, it was a Class 3 all Combat CV… Replacable, but not exactly a warp sled.

I’ll PM you Jascha. You can close this. Thx!