Lost CV on Nova (disappeared after playfield crash)

Lost CV after landing on Nova. :cry:
After talking to a very helpfull person / admin on in-game chat i was advised to wirte post here.

:bulb: Long story short:
We moved from Mars cause of upcomming wipe (we packed our whole base on it)

23:40-50 03.07.2016 - Mercury -> Nova -> landing -> Nova crash -> logged back -> we stand on the ground, missing all 3 vessels.

:bulb: We tried to relog.
Friend tried to die and respawn on the clone chamber / home but it wasnt possible.
Friend also tried to spawn on Mars to check if its no back home.
Admin said that its not present on any playfield - but last seen 23:40.

:exclamation: Capital vessel name :
SS Knur MkII (CV from blueprint t1)
Small vessel names :
SS Penumbra (SV from blueprint t1) (contructor mainly filled with pellets transforming in to the fuel)
SS Dalek Prime (SV handmade from beggining)
(Penumbra during crash was docked on the top of SS Knur MkII)

:exclamation: Faction :
KTL / Kantyna Laser (previonusly LTH / Lethopia)

(to verify that im the owner ? - all cargos inside the ship were painted to orange)
We probably lost more of stuff - but i decided to write it per stacks that i can remember visually from constructor / containers (most stuff packed in constructor)
1 stack = 999

Iron Ingots - around 5 stacks
Iron ore - around 1,5 stack
Copper Ignots - around 5 stacks
Copper Ore - i dont remember
Cobalt Ignots - also around 5 stacks
Cobalt Ore - i dont remember - probably none all smelted
Neodymium Ignots - around 5 stacks (whole meteorit found on Phobos)
Neodymium Ore - i dont remember - probably none all smelted
Silicon Ignots - around 4 stacks
Silicon Ore - i dont remember - probably none all smelted
Erestrum Ignots - 0 - none
Erestrum Ore - 0 - none
Zascosium Ignots - 0 - none
Zascosium Ore - 0 - none
Sathium Ignots - around 4 stacks (whole meteorit found on Phobos)
Sathium Ore - i dont remember - probably none all smelted
Magnesium Powder - probably around 3-4 stacks (but about this im mostly unsure)
Magnesium Ore - i dont remember - there were probably 2-3 stacks but about this one im no sure at all
Crushed Stone - i dont remember (i remember total of 300 or so)
Promethium Pellets - some high values like 5-6 stacks
Promethium Ore - small amount - we smelted all - some of it was smelting on SS Penumbra constructor
Pentaxid - as i remember we had 50 or so left for 2 emergency jumps
Large Fuel Pack - around 150 total

:exclamation: Naturally some stuff in fridges , some tools etc - one of the containers have some light landing gears x3 etc , and other CV parts.

:arrow_right: Thanks for looking in to this.