Lost cv on P1

Hi guys,
I lost my CV on P1 Starter. It was size 1 cv named Exodus, belong to Miz faction and with attached HV.
here is how looks HV in Structure commander in HWS connect

Name of Structure Structure ID Structure Type On Playfield E/W position Height position N/S position Lights Triangles Class Powered? Fuel Last visited Device Count Block Count Deleted
pepelac 720108 District P1 -1782 100 -565 1 160 1 false 311 3 09:29 37 54 true

I was not able to find my CV in structure commander at all.
Also there are no logs related to HV or CV in intruder logs.
This makes me sad - I put everything from my base to this CV recently to fly to the orbit today, before wipe.
Please resolve.

I’m confused. You’re posting Structure commander text but then say it’s not visible in SC?

I appears that the ship was deleted.

Also. What server

You’re posting Structure commander text but then say it’s not visible in SC?

sorry for confusing. I meant that CV was gone and there is no records about it in structure commander, but HV that was attached to this CV is present in structure commander. I hope this can help somehow.

EU PvP server.

@Achilles Want to have a look at this one?

any progress on that?
it is not that way of hardcore I am looking for.
It was quite hard to start, now, when I need to do all this things again, but without starting equipment(even survival constructor!) it looks like really impossible task.

As far as I can see it was decored by a drone on 12.06. 20:39
Sorry :frowning:

Thanks a lot @Jascha!
This makes things clear.

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