Lost CV to 'donator planet'

So. New player here, not quite twenty hours. I became a donator because I mistakenly thought donor planets were lawless-no-faction planets (your planet listing page specifically says they are lawless/no-faction). I filled up my CV with all my belongings and headed to Detroit.

Just as I entered orbit, a friend of mine called and I was on the phone for a few minutes - Came back to see I got evicted from my ship.

I understand I should have seen the warnings - they’re not hard to miss. It’s just a combination of unclear information on the planet listing page and bad timing of the phone call.

Is there anything that can be done?

What in the world did you think was going to happen if you took all your stuff and went to Detroit?

Nobody gets evicted in the real Detroit, hell, the rent is only twenty bucks a month!

If Rex can’t get to you, someone in LBP can help you out IF they’re in the area.

You’ll need to set it to public and we can fly it out to you. Then kill you. Or not. Unsure. Depends on mood. It’s Detroit man…

I mean seriously - we shouldn’t even need a warning to not go to Detroit in the game. It’s basic common sense.

See this map please: https://forum.empyrion-homeworld.net/uploads/default/original/1X/718575116ebde9e82bc3f6acd1045e506bb38cd1.jpg

This is quite helpful.
As long as it is only a ship…


No seriously

  1. name your ship
  2. it was a very tiny ship
  3. read the HWS Guide please