Lost CV's and SV

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: lost 2 CV’s and 1 SV today
Player(s) with issue: Dexter168
Server: CSW an SAN
Time (cb:time): idk cb time but 20:30 est
Playfield: Black hole and csw
Structure Name(s): CV - Persephonie, CV - TBF Hermies and SV - Rapscallion
Structure ID(s): Persephonie-idk because it’s not even listed under structures(like it never existed) TBF Hermies #6906781 and the sv #6421512
How can we help you now: Persephonie just vanished and there’s no record that I can see that it even existed.
the other 2 ships I’m not sure if they’re gone. Tried to CSW to NA. the server logged me out and during the restart to NA it’s still not letting me connect to server

“Persephonie” is spelt Persephone - took me ages to find it … it was taken and cored by another fac in Black Hole.
Hermes & Rapscallion are in CSW on NW, hopefully you will log in to it.

Thanks for you assist

Yea I’m back in NA…Lost 1,200,000 in credits and all items in my backpack including several stacks of gold ore

To further this even more our factions main base Welcome Mat Has been deleted #357245 in peace keeper west

And another CV has been deleted: Oceanus #12634956…Very frustrated!

Not as frustrated as we are, believe me!! Ill take a look …

Both Ships restored. You are not alone in loosing backpack, we are restoring structures only and this is a massive job for us as it is. Who’d play Alpha eh?