Lost database

Hello,I have had trouble with their bases removed - and put,I didn’t know that she would have the status of General,and finally last night the base was in my possession,and in the morning went it is rewritten for someone else,please return my base,base nick Ba3A62,please help(((

I have equipment name ends 62,and the base I, too, lost 62 ends,I thought that if I set the core and base will be mine,and it was common,and this is my base,I put it after the restart of the planet,I have a drawing is the base,

Hey, if it is SWP it is the third issue. You can’t build multiple stuff on the starter planets.
You paid the tax for it now and it is set to SWP again.
However you can’t move the base so the warnings will start again. Dismantle the base or pay more and more for it.

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