Lost drill due to glitch

I got off my bike while putting my drill in my first inventory slot and both the motorcycle and the drill flew away. I found the bike but I cannot get my drill back. I’m on the freelancer planet. Can anyone assist please?

ALSO: NA Server

EDIT 2: I wouldn’t mind a full reset since I just started. I kinda wanted to be a guardian

Use the CB:reset command, followed by cb:yes to confirm.

I’ve already done it once today by accident :confused: I meant to hit guardian

you wont have a sv would you ?

if you have an sv or can craft the basics for one, cockpit, fuel tank, generator, rcs, and two thrusters ( rear + front ) is all you need then you can access the trading station in the orbit, if you can do this i can help you out buy listing various items for one cred aslong as your ready to accept them soon as they are listed or some1 else will

What did you choose instead? What origin are you currently?

So you started not as a guardian, then you reset and picked not a guardian again??

It’s been a long, rough day. Cut me some slack

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