Lost finished bp's

I had three finished bps ready to spawn, and all three are missing.

ABrum13 did you double check the bp tabs top left under library and factory ?

the last one i built after the 6 hours i see i have the materials back. so i used a do:bp to insta finish it and have it back. the two i had till i switched to my laptop, where they dissappeared. i did check the tabs

Are you needing for me to send you a log of these events so i can get my bps back?

Abrum1329m I was just trying to help mate , you will have to wait for an admin.

Oh lol sorry

For now I only know of 4 use cases:

  1. you used do:bp and logged out too fast back in the game
  2. you tried to do stuff just before a server restart and get kicked
  3. you messed around with your prefabs / blueprint folder in your empyrion installation directory
  4. random error (Continue or Quit)

In all cases check if you had something red in your console. Most likely "NullReference Exception…"
To be sure please send us the logs.
As far as I know only the blueprint crashed but you have still have your resources. So if we verify the logs you get your do:bp back.

hey sry is not the same problem but i lost a cv in milkway can you please look at them RexXxus? is it a server bug or was my fail?

sry my english is bad

Großes Raumschiff (GR) 4636001 CV Milky Way 1627 1318 -990 652 4487 false