Lost my base on Trinity

Good afternoon

First of all, thank you for the effort you make to improve the server. I really want to see the improvements on July 7.

I would like to apologize, because the problem I had with my base in Trinity (which was in faction) was probably caused by some member of my faction.

When I connected to the server, this afternoon at 15:20 pm, I saw on the screen, a notice that said “you have been warned, your base Fortaleza Invernal has been taken”.

I do not know the reason, but I imagine someone put more blocks than allowed and disconnected or just did not understand the warnings (they do not understand English very well), and that’s why the base happened to belong to the server, HWS faction.

Please, I apologize for the inconvenience, could you give me back the base so I can correct the problem?
I will put it in private to avoid repeating this problem

Thank you very much.

The id of the base is 8245654 , HWS EU server, and my nick in the game Sr Pato


thanks, paid and done.
I have set it to ESP again (yes, it is Class 5)


Thanks you !!

Could you please tell me how much has been the amount?
To charge it to the one who made the mistake

1,5 million. Just a little lessons learned fee since a lot of you have hundreds of playhours.
But if you find out that a noob did it I can refund it as a one time service.

Yep, it was Ceky Di Lans, from my alliance, he puts some lcd screens and didnt notice the warnings.
I dont know how many hours he has played, but i think it will be few hours. He has a lot to learn yet.
Im sure that he will be really happy if you do the “one time service” and the refund, or he will mine gold meteorites untill dead to pay me that xDD

The decision is yours, but thank you very much for the services provided, I needed that base back: P

Not that new but alright - this time.

Have fun!