Lost my CV after server reset

Hi - I was a couple of 1000KM off Jupiter before the server reset. My CV with everything I own simply wasn’t there when I logged in again this afternoon. I’m now floating in space with little choice other than a reset. Players online tell me this isn’t expected during a reset (I’m new here - playing a few days).



Hey and welcome on HWS @Theurgy ,

well Jupiter is PvP and everything about 10k km is quite easy visible. We recommend you to park your ship in the Peacekeepers for the beginning.

What name had your ship?

Ship was called “The Wolf”. I figured I may come back to wreckage - I didn’t realise people could just hop in and take it if that is what you are saying happened.

See rule 3.3!

3.3 FORUM RULE: If you register use your ingame name! Otherwise we don’t know if you are a spambot or not.

It cost me a lot of time to found out what username you have ingame. Next time we refuse such requests :frowning:

Anyways after I restored it I saw that it only had ~30 blocks left. It was in PvP and got completely destroyed.
I warped you to Phobos for now

Thanks - I’ve changed my name on the forums. It might be an idea to ask for ingame names on the registration screen.

I can quite understand getting looted in PvP and even taking massive damage but to reduce a CV to 30 blocks… Humm… interesting community you have here.


Yeah some taking rule 4.2 more serious than others :wink:

At least you are quite save if you fly out more in space even if you don’t like the Peacekeepers.