Lost my hammers ammo truck

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**What happened:**lost my ammo truck , warped to tpp and it was on tpp and relogged , , didnt see it when i got back in checked the structure commander and it said it was on tpp but it was deleted ? not sure how
Player(s) with issue:[2ndLt] W.Hammer[PTF]
Server: NA
**Time (cb:time):02:09am
**Playfield:HW space to tpp
https://gyazo.com/72be3d20c74a7048c5622318783547d8 structure commander pic

Structure Name(s): Hammers 8-Ammo Truck
Structure ID(s): 18889453
How can we help you now: would like it replaced pls

I restored it again.
Logs say it was deep in pole before it got deleted. Obviously it was docked to a CV that someone flew?
Did you notice anything after flying in from Black Hole to TPP (and especially when entering the Planet)?
Any errors or strange game behavior?
We are still trying to help the devs to find this bug.
Could you send us your client logs from that time please?

Thanks a lot

sure where do i find them

…\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival\Logs\

The last folder

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