Lost my SV into Phobos

when I landed on the planet to get some water

It has become this problem

and my ship was left on the other side

on Friday will be warp on this planet, I will lost my ship?

Your welcome :slight_smile:

thank you for your quick response but now where is my CV?

It was over the North Pole in space of Phobos

look on the map or use the hws connect to find the location then open the console ~ and type din

I hope i got it right good luck

again I cant back to SV
I lost conection, when I log in back to server
Im on the planet and my ships SV and CV in outer space :confused:

You got them already or?

Didn’t see your CV yesterday. Only gave you the SV. Is this still the case?

I have both ships
I flew from Phobos before wipe and I’m stuck on Peacekeeper1
I don’t have enough Pentaxid to come back

Peacekeeper 4 planets have some if you can get there.

engine in my CV has consumed all Pentaxid what I had, for distanse from Phobos to Peacekeeper 1 and I dont have more :confused:

Try to ask for help ingame a few crystals and fuel packs is all you need. If you see faction RAT ask ingame i will try to help. The best way is using the exchange, requesting to buy the products for 1c.

Mostly on the NA server.