Lost ownership of BA on Jupiter (HWS EU)

Greetings! :slight_smile:

I had a BA on Jupiter (HWS EU). It is not listed in my Structure Commander, so no ID. I placed it from a BP about 4 days ago and was part of my faction the whole time until today. BA name is “Crashed Trader Ship”. The surface part of the BA was badly damaged, however the underground portion was still safe and intact. I had checked it yesterday evening after it was attacked and all was still in working order and it was still part of my faction. However today I see the base no longer belongs to my faction and apparently belongs to someone else and it must be set to private because I see no faction tag on the BA. There is no evidence around the base that anyone was able to somehow dig down to the underground portion of the base and take over the core. So I am wondering if this has been taken over by the Admins or is it bugged?

I am not trying to get the BA or its items back if it was legally taken by another player. If it is totally bugged out then it is ok if it is deleted. If it was taken by an Admin, please let me know if I infringed on any rules. I need to know what happened before I build another base.

Thanks for your time and thank you for providing us such a wonderful server to play on! :slight_smile:


as far as I see a guy took your base. Maybe he went the same way in like you saw that the base was fine?
All I can say is it was taken at 10.10 ~0:59AM.

If I should investigate further, let me know.
Thanks, glad you like the server and have fun!


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That’s cool. No further actions required. Thanks for checking Rex :wink: