Lost RP after CSW (but possibly not related to CSW)

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What happened: My RP were reset to the what they were before this mornings 9 AM restart after I returned to the EU server via CSW. I noticed that my hotview in Connect had not updated before I used CSW to leave for NA but it showed the new amount under player info so I assumed it would not be an issue. I bought some NPC trader packages this morning roughly 30 minutes before the 9 AM restart and disconnected shortly after buying them, not sure if that matters. I’m not 100% sure but it is possible that the amount I saw under player info was wrong aswell and simply showed the amount from before this mornings transactions, because I think it was 512 and that would be too much (should be 509) but was the amount I had yesterday before buying the packages.
Player(s) with issue: SirKnumskull
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): today, ~13:45
Playfield: CSW
Structure Name(s): N/A
Structure ID(s): N/A
How can we help you now: Find the bug so it won’t happen again and add the missing RP (15).


CSW was not the problem. That worked fine. Somehow between this morning RP = 509) till this noon your RP was down to 494 again. I somehow think it was not saved when I restarted the tool this morning.
I put them back to 509

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