Lost ship/Cargo due to bug

Sup dudes, to start i know this is no fault of the server or the people running and merely the game being in Alpha.

That being said, I was on mercury scouting and as soon as I ran across a ship by the SPT (I think that was the ticker) my game bugged out and I got a message that I continue or quit and send mail. After spamming continue a few times the error kept popping up. I restarted the client and when I got back in game, my ship was blown up and all the cargo was gone. After being in game for another 5 secs I got the bug report again.

I’m currently logged out in the carcass of my ship. Is there anyway I can get this back? I was trying to run away when the bug happened, didnt fire a shot. Thanks.


You can tell who got close to you via the Intruder log, while it might not record the attack, it records anyone who got close to your vessel within a certain range. Rex should be able to reimburse you potentially.


If you want Help please allways give details. Ship ID + name and best even a screenshot from HWS connect so that we dont have to search for it. Also time, place, how severe the loss was, etc and everything that will help us is important.

Sadly we cant get your ship just back like this since then everyone will come. At the moment we do it due to the warp/playfield change bugs, which we can prove on our side. But we cant in cases like this. Therefore we cant really do it.
Only way to fix this is to make sure you send the Errors you got with details to the devs. See: cb:log