Lost ship-Rad Colmic

What happened: I dropped off my HV On lawless moon, I was very quick and had no issues.
When I picked it back up a few days later (Last night around when I posted this initial fourm post) everything went ok, then I started to continue to get the warning messages randomly stating I cannot have the CV I am piloting on lawless moon, as I am not in lawless moons area I attempted to log out and that did not solve anything.

As a last ditch effort I went back to lawless moon and was hoping that going in and out of atmosphere would do the trick, that is where the last warning went off and my ship was locked.
Player(s) with issue: Rad Colmic
Server: NA
Time Around 1am EST
Playfield: lawless moon
Structure Name(s): Floof
Structure ID(s): Not sure, it’s not available right now
How can we help you now: Would like ship unlocked and moved out of lawless moon atmosphere so the error does not occur again.

Please use the proper support template and fill it out. Otherwise we can’t help.

Its yours again